Wednesday, May 25, 2005

DVD-A Goodness

Last week I finally got my Pioneer DV-563A fixed. As reported earlier, older versions of this player have trouble playing certain DVD-A titles. When my With Teeth high resolution layers refused to go, it was finally time to get the player fixed.

So I got it back in two days, completely free of charge (both of these things are a shocker, if y'all know anything about repair shops), and gave With Teeth a good spin last night. Glorious.

The stereo layer has a warmth to it that's a bit lacking on the CD side. And the surround layer blew me away. Unfortunately this disc doesn't support downmixing and I don't have a center channel (so certain musical and vocal bits are, maddeningly, missing), but this disc has convinced me its time to bite the bullet and get one. I have an offer in to purchase a used Vandersteen VCC-1, so it will complement my 2Cs.


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