Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Slayer - Teh Suck?

Slayer - Christ IllusionThe first review of Slayer's forthcoming Christ Illusion has surfaced (courtesy of Rolling Stone), and it doesn't paint a pretty picture. It's good to hear that the reviewer was impressed with Lombardo's drumming, but a disappointment that he doesn't feel it's an improvement over their last release, God Hates Us All.

I probably liked GHUA more than the average Slayer nutcase, but I was so hoping for a return to the riffage that is South or Seasons. I could care less about the lyrics and the singing being like their old stuff - why the heck would I want THAT to be different from any of their previous releases? This is Slayer after all, not Pet Shop Boys.

I'll try to take this short review with a grain of salt, and hope that the album surprises me (in a good way).


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