Thursday, May 31, 2007

Miscellaneous Music News

From a variety of sources. Feel the burn.
  • EMI (UK) plans to release a 3-disc set of Pink Floyd's The Piper of the Gates of Dawn for its 40th anniversary. There will be a stereo disc, a mono disc, and a disc of b-side type material.
  • The Cult has signed with Roadrunner Records for the release of their new album, and plans to tour in the USA this Fall.
  • Metallica is still "hard at work" on their new album, and Kirk Hammett claims it's the best material they've done in 15 years (which isn't saying much if you do the math). They plan to drop the oh so stylish dropped tuning for this album (thank The Maker).
  • Danzig says he has no plans to reunite with the Misfits. Color me surprised.


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