Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sound Curve: "The Day That Never Comes"

Ever since Metallica's Death Magnetic got leaked last week by the French, the forums have been buzzing about whether the sound quality of the CD is as bad as we audio nuts say it is. I'm here to say that it is.

It is isn't sufficient to analyze the sound of leaked .wma files, so I went out and purchased the CD single for "The Day That Never Comes" from Hot Topic, ripped it to a .wav file, and looked at it in Sound Forge. Two snapshots are here and here.

It's, as I figured, a brick wall. Even more bizarre is the second picture. That's the last portion of the song, where distortion is very noticeable to even an untrained ear. You can see the squared off peaks instead of it being round. What's truly hideous is that it looks like after they were clipped, someone then scaled the volume back.

They're playing hanky-panky over there at the record company, and the listeners are the ones who suffer.


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