Thursday, March 31, 2005

DualDiscs Suck

That's right. Regardless of what Sony has to say about how awesome it is to have music on one side and multimedia content on the other ("Now one disc has it all!"), you heard the truth from the H-Man:

DualDiscs suck.

I ignored the obvious problem, that having two sides of data makes the disc more delicate, and bought one - Judas Priest's Angel of Retribution. First disappointment: the so-called "Enhanced Stereo" track that is included on the DVD side is just barely that. The technical specifications are 48KHz/16-bit, whereas Redbook Audio (regular CDs) are 42/16. Big difference, right? Not. Believe me, you'd need a really great system to notice, so you can forget the average person with their craptastic home theater-in-a-box hearing it (although they'd probably say they can, just because Sony tells them it's better). Yeah, some of the DualDiscs have actual high resolution audio, like the Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral disc (it's a bona fide DVD-A on the flip side), but this is not the norm. Most have this absurd Enhanced Stereo crap.

DualDiscs suck.

Furthermore, the DualDisc doesn't adhere to the Compact Disc standard because it's too thick, so it may not even play on your equipment. My DualDisc would only play for one out of every ten attempts in my PC. Applause to Sony for knowingly manufacturing an item that won't work on a decent percentage of the public's players. This is almost as bad as copy protection on CDs.

DualDiscs suck.


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