Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Matzoh and Metal

Hard Rockin' MatzohI can't possibly explain this VH1 Classic special any better than this article already has. Be sure to honor the Passover holiday by cranking up the "Creeping Death", then r0cking out with your Haggadah out. I wonder what Jewish Rock God will come in through the open door to join the seder. Joey Ramone, perhaps?


Anonymous anita said...

Three words: Sammy Davis, Jr. I know, he's not exactly metal. But he was one cool cat, man.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Beastie Boys need to get in on the action. And Neil Diamond. Leslie West can rock my Haggadah anyday, though. Fun stuff!

4:42 PM  

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