Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Not Blue Velvet

OzzfestWord is circulating that Velvet Revolver has been confirmed as the replacement band for Iron Maiden (due to scheduling conflicts) at Ozzfest on its last seven dates. Thankfully, I'll be catching Maiden.

I honestly don't understand the excitement over Revolver. Even Zakk Wylde recently talked about how great they are. In my opinion, this band is barely a shell of what Guns 'N' Roses used to be. Hell, Guns 'N' Roses were barely a shell of themselves soon after Appetite For Destruction came out.

Sure I can instantly recognize Slash's guitar playing (which is akin to an old friend coming home), but the songs themselves don't seem to be too amazing, and Scott Weiland is simply a pathetic frontman. Feel otherwise? Tell us all why in the comments.


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