Friday, April 22, 2005

The Priest Beckons

Judas Priest LiveGot my tickets for the Defenders of the Faith at Mohegan Sun in June! Decent seats even though they're not floor.

And it should be extra cool to finally catch Queensryche as well. They're supposedly going to be concentrating on their catalog pre-Operation: Mindcrime. Might we hear "Queen of the Reich" live? Too cool.

Next tiks for me to be purchasing: Revenge of the Sith (I will accept nothing less than midnight on first day [edit: done!]), then Ozzfest.


Anonymous Outrider said...

On the subject of Priest, I finally
got around to comparing my recent remastered version of British Steel with my vintage vinyl copy.

Surprise surprise, it's compressed 'radio style'.

To be fair it's still an enjoyable CD they simply took a lot away from the dynamics between the quieter parts of songs (United for instance ) and the louder parts. It also pushes everything in the mix closer to the same volume space. The old one has Rob's voice and the guitar solos really screaming out at you. The new one is more uniform and, dare I say, polite.

6:27 PM  

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