Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hello, Vandersteen VCC-1

VCC-1Say hi to the Vandersteen VCC-1, the newest addition to my home theater. I was able to successfully haggle with a guy selling a near mint one (even comes with original box and manuals), so this sucker will be arriving at my door shortly. I'll finally be getting a bit more of an open sound as I watch movies and listen to surround music mixes, since everything in the front won't be thrown in the two main speakers.

At some point in the far future I'll invest in some decent surround speakers, but for now my cheesy pair I got in 1988 will suffice. Still have no idea what to do about a subwoofer - I don't need one because my main speakers put out plenty of bass, but it becomes a hassle when listening to those dumb music discs that won't put out low bass unless the sub is hooked up. Oh well - building a good sound system is a slow, steady process (unless one's rich, which I'm not).


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