Monday, October 31, 2005

"Pretty Vegas"

SwitchIt appears that INXS confused most and went with J.D. as their new lead singer. More confounding is the fact that their popularity and sales are actually up (proof that TV ratings don't tell the whole story).

I will say that the new single is better than it has any right to be. Granted it isn't really targeted at me, since the video features J.D. shirtless most of the time (be still my heart), but I can still assess the less sexual aspects of the tune: it has a good groove that lingers on your lips even when the song's over, and it smacks of INXS-ness. Hell, J.D. even breaks out the megaphone/bullhorn - Wonder Stuff style!

The biggest problem is that J.D. hasn't come into his own yet. He sounds Hutchence-y, but has little of that range and dynamics. There's not much soul to the way J.D. sings this tune, and it will make you miss the passion that's found in the presentation of songs like "This Time".

Of course this may be what INXS wants - someone that's like Mike, but not too much so. Right now they're straddling the line between what Van Halen did (finding someone completely different than the original) and what Journey did (finding someone exactly like the original). So in some ways this ends up being a bit wishy-washy.

But can I really blame them, especially considering the success "Pretty Vegas" has gotten?

At least Mig's band is opening up for INXS this winter. Everybody wins!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not Mig's band that opened up for INXS, it's actually Marty's band The Lovehammers...

2:45 PM  

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