Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SURGE is Saved

SURGESome may wonder why in the world I have a link to over there on the right. Well, the site is devoted to a cool as heavy metal pop, SURGE, that was created and distributed by Coke in the late 90s and early 2000. Unfortunately, even though it started strong, sales numbers dwindled, and Coke killed it. Which is too bad, because it had a unique flavor that definitely could've given the juggernaut that is Pepsico's Mountain Dew a run for its money.

VAULTWe SURGE nuts spent a lot of time campaigning, unsuccessfully, to bring it back. But efforts did not go unrewarded: constant pressure from the community brought national media coverage, which inspired Coke to tweak SURGE's formula and release it in the form of a brand new soda called VAULT. Basically the same flavor with a whole lot of caffeine (SURGE didn't have as much caffeine as people thought, but boy did Coke make up for that with VAULT), it's positioned to take over where SURGE left off and conquer the Dew.

So run and get some in your local grocery store or convenience store, put on some thrash, and wire up. Also be sure to stop by webmeister Eric's sister site to SaveSURGE,, for a ton of information on how VAULT came to be.


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