Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Monster Magnet's Dave Wyndorf Hospitalized

MMIt appears Monster Magnet's frontman, Dave Wyndorf, has been hospitalized due to a drug overdose. European tour plans have been cancelled, but fortunately it appears that he will survive.

I saw The Magnet when they were opening for The Cult's Beyond Good and Evil tour and they impressed me. Even though Dave was injured, he put on a hell of a stage show, and I'll never forget the cool little pedestals the guitarists hopped upon when their time to solo approached. It was heavy metal personified - something that is hard to find today (hard rock music a la AC/DC type bands is essentially dead).

Since then I've gotten a fair number of their albums. Their latest, Monolithic Baby!, was an underrated gem of 2004. I wish Dave well, and hope he can rise above whatever muck is pushing him towards substance abuse.


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