Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Cult Returns

The CultThe band voted most likely to never sound remotely the same for two albums in a row, The Cult, has resurfaced. Sporting a new official home page and a sort of new lineup, the boys of goth/alterna/heavy-and-hair metal/back-to-alterna music have reunited and are coming to a town near you (and may even pen a new album by year's end).

ElectricThe Great Maker knows I love The Cult enormously, even though they change their image and music more than Madonna. Hell, you gotta dig them merely for their "furry hats and bullet belts" visual style during the Electric years. And I've always felt their last album, Beyond Good and Evil, was quite good, thus felt disappointment when it went nowhere on the charts.

Will Ian bring back his long locks? Sing and strut about the stage 80s style? Will Billy play metal-laced licks or chorused/echo-y new wave riffs? Will the other "members of the band" truly be allowed to make a contribution? This fan-boy can't wait to find out.


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