Friday, March 03, 2006

Slayer and Mastodon to Tour on 06-06-06

Kerry KingYou really can't beat a Slayer and Mastodon double-bill. I give a thumbs-up to the people lucky enough to see it on the first date. Now there's a crazy decision I'll have to make - which band t-shirt to wear to the show (I guess I have lots of time to figure it out)?

It looks like Rick Rubin is executively producing Slayer's new record, but I wish I knew what they meant when they say that Josh Abraham will be "twiddling the knobs". Producing (edit: yes, apparently)? Engineering? Maybe we'll know more tonight, since their MySpace page claims there will be some photos on their home page later tonight.

Anyway, they say it's chock fill o' riffs and "devastatingly grim". Excellent.


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