Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rhino Comes Through

RhinoAt the start of 2005 I bought the two-disc Rhino re-release of The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys. Great disc, but a little while later I noticed a post on The Cure's website from Robert Smith saying that they had forgotten to put the lyric sheet in with the packaging. Newer runs of the set would have it, and people who already bought the set were encouraged to download and print a pdf that was made available.

An ok option, but I wanted the bona fide booklet. So I wrote to Rhino, on March 5 of 2005, politely asking, but never received an answer. This disappointed me because they always struck me as something of a l33t company (what with their Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman episodes on DVD and all).

So imagine my surprise when I received today, in the mail, an envelope from Rhino with the lyric booklet for Three Imaginary Boys inside. Is that crazy or what? Kudos to them for responding to me, but good grief: a year-and-a-half waiting period? That's just nutty.


Anonymous Flynn42 said...

At least you got it - I have been waiting over 5 years for my Cheese-a-saurus Rex keychain from Kraft. I sent in all my Mac and Cheese boxtops and they left me high and dry.


8:08 PM  

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