Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pay Whatever You Want For Radiohead's New Album

In a way cool move, Radiohead has announced that the cost of downloading their new album, In Rainbows, will be up to the consumer. You want to pay nothing? You can do that too.

I thought this concept was so l33t that even though I'm not a big fan of buying mp3 files, I went ahead and did it. I decided two pounds fifty pence (roughly $5 USD, or 50 cents a song) was about right. Although they did tack on an extra 45 pence service charge (bleh, oh well).

A limited edition box set (the digital download, a CD, two vinyl records, and fancy packaging w/book, etc.) will be available later in the year and cost about $80 USD. A regular CD version will be available next year.

If interested, you can preorder your digital download here.


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