Monday, September 29, 2008

Metallica Reps Start to Defend Sound Quality

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on the Death Magnetic sound controversy, and has gotten Metallica's manager, Cliff Burnstein, on the record saying the people complaining are a "tiny minority".

It isn't the news fans wanted to hear, but at least it's a little refreshing that this issue is finally getting tackled by Metallica's management. The answer is no surprise though. If they admit the quality is less than perfect, then they would have to do something about it. And why bother saying anything is wrong if the album is still selling like crazy?


Anonymous AJB said...

From the article:

"Albums by some of the biggest names in rock, including the most recent by U2, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney, have drawn flak. Bloggers last year singled out Mr. Ludwig, the veteran engineer, for the sound on Mr. Springsteen's "Magic," which some thought was tinny and loud.

Mr. Ludwig wouldn't discuss the instructions he was given, but said, "Bruce doesn't let anything out unless it's exactly the way he wants it to be.""

Anyone notice the fact that all the artists mentioned have been in the business for a long time, and have likely accumulated fairly serious hearing damage from decades of live playing?

How do we address the problem of artists giving their music the thumbs-up, while using damaged ears to render their opinion? Maybe the new Metallica album does sound good to Lars Ulrich, and maybe Bruce Springsteen did like the mix of his new album, but those with ears to hear can tell them that there's a problem.

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