Friday, May 06, 2005

Drivel of the Month - System of a Down

System of a DownI saw a video for the new System of a Down video, "B.Y.O.B.", on Monday. To say that I was unimpressed is an understatement. This band has no idea what style they are, so the song has equal parts of hardcore, thrash, old school metal, and (dare I say) POP/Top 40 (in the chorus).

And it isn't like they took these styles and made one song that meshes it all. Nope - each part is distinct from the other, so it sounds like 4 distinct songs in one ("Here's the harcore part. Whoops, it stopped, here's the thrash part."), none of them holding a candle to any real band that plays songs in those 4 genres.

Sorry guys, I'll stick with my Mastodon for something new and fresh.


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