Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Higher Ground

Chili Peppers - Mother's MilkTake a look at the album on the right. That album contains the definitive rock version of "Higher Ground" to listen to. Contrary to popular opinion, it was not sung last night by Chris "I have no idea what sideburns are supposed to look like" Daughtry.

I can't blame Chris. He fancies himself a rocker, so it's no surprise during "sing us a Stevie Wonder song" week that he chose "Higher Ground". I personally knew he was doomed from the start, because there's no way he could match what the Chili Peppers did with it on Mother's Milk. He didn't.

Problem is, the world's gone insane, and people don't agree with me. Simon praised Chris for his originality, claiming it was the only song he'd heard that night which could be played on the radio. EW feels the same way. News flash - Kiedis and the gang has been there, done that. Superbly. Thus, there was absolutely nothing original about Chris's re-rendition, and shame on Simon for undoubtedly convincing millions of people that Chris was some kind of musical genius for making (sorry, stealing) a hard rock version of this song.

Fact is, it was a pathetically weak reinterpretation of the Peppers's cover, and deserved derision rather than praise.


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