Monday, November 05, 2007

Reznor Comments On Producing Saul Williams, Speaks of New Release Via Interscope

Saul WilliamsReuters has a Q&A with Trent and Saul Williams where they talk about all things music. So if you want to learn about downloading mp3s, plus Interscope's plans for a nin greatest hits and remix disc, there ya go. And if you want to download/buy Saul's album, do it here.

I downloaded the 192 CBR files for free (might as well get a taste before paying) and so far it's good. "Convict Colony" (and many others) is very nin-y, and "Tr(n)igger" uses Public Enemy samples. And you can't beat the cover of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" with samples of Larry's drums plus a very industrial/nin-y guitar. Trent sings and plays on so much of this that it's almost like having another nin album.

I may have to buy the flac files.


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