Monday, April 04, 2005

Head-Llama's Ball

I caught this damned show for the first time in a while Saturday night. Oof.

First, that fool Jamie from Hatebreed was such a suck-up to Anthrax that it made everyone ill. Second (this is more of an aside), are we supposed to believe that the members of Anthrax who have been "temporarily" displaced are actually happy that the original line-up is back and touring? Although Anthrax claims this isn't permanent, here's a news flash: Tim Owens isn't coming back to Judas Priest. Connect the (god damned) dots.

Finally, if this is what is popular in metal, we're all doomed. Most of it is a bunch of wanna-be punks. They've taken the worst side of punk/hardcore, mixed it with the worst of metal (the non-technical, lame riffing metal) , and what we have is this show. Thankfully, there are some artists, like Slayer, who created a new genre by taking the best parts of hardcore and mixing it with the best parts of metal.

And what's with the singing? They don't know whether they should be doing death metal grumbling and/or shouting, or girly-man singing. So they do both in the same song. One damned band actually changes style in the middle of a damn lyric!

It almost makes me want Adam Curry back.


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