Thursday, June 02, 2005

Drivel of the Month - Good Charlotte

Good CharlotteI can't stress enough how much I detest this band. But let me give it ye olde college try.

Just take a look at them. The combination of "punk" and pretty-boy kills me. They are the epitome of pop-punk, a music genre that should be wiped off the map. Their music is insipid (listen to 7 Seconds to get an idea of what hardcore with pop flavor should sound like), and the singing is emo-craptastic.

I can't stress how far these guys are from punk. If they fit that bill, then Green Day is the Sex Pistols (I feel the need to remind the uneducated that John Lydon was so punk that he quit the Pistols at the peak of their popularity).

But I guess some brilliant talent scout found GC in a hole somewhere and said, "Hey, you look the part, but the Pistols are scary. So can you do that, but not?" And GC apparently said, "Sure, we can do the exact polar opposite of that, yet claim we're not, and we'll sell billions to the teenage wankers who truly know nothing about what punk is!"

But it doesn't stop there. GC's "guitarist" (it pains me to call him that, so I use the term very loosely), Billy Martin, pulled this snow job on the musical instrument business as well, convincing a great guitar company to make a really lousy guitar. Oh well, anyone who gets fooled into buying one of these, thinking they're getting a real PRS, deserves the consequences. I guess it's apt, since shitty music is best played on shitty equipment.


Anonymous AJB said...

Wow - I think that guitar has the lousiest hard-tail bridge design I've ever seen. You can't adjust the string height (unless you move all of them at once), or the intonation of the strings. Nice! Stupid S.O.B. - all that money, you should just buy a damn Les Paul and get something worth playing.

8:43 AM  

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