Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fancy Pants Joshua Tree

The Joshua TreeThis year marks the 20th anniversary of U2's The Joshua Tree, and to celebrate, Island has released more than a few remasters of it. All include the art that graced the original vinyl and cassette cover, rather than the old CD booklet picture of their blurry faces.
  • Boring Edition: remastered CD
  • Uber Edition: remastered CD, extra CD of rarities and B-sides, and mega-paged booklet
  • L33t Overpriced Edition: the above 2 CDs, a DVD of videos and Joshua Tree era concert, plus a hardcover book
  • Nerdy Vinyl Edition: Original album spanned across two pieces of vinyl
The Joshua Tree was in fact the first CD I ever purchased (yeah, I'm sure you're all really surprised to get an idea of how old I am). I bought it before I even owned a CD player, so for once I don't feel so bad about rebuying the same thing I already own. I'm stupid enough to go for the L33t (this makes up for the fact that I didn't buy the extra expanded version of Atomic Bomb), and will report back on how bad the remastering is.


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