Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Prince More Hated Than George Lucas?

Planet EarthThe Bizarre One has just gotten more bizarre. Prince is apparently moving to sue a bunch of fan web sites for the "heinous" act of publishing his images (even album art) and lyrics. Apparently he's also upset about pictures of tattoos based on him and his logos, and even license plate photos.

George Lucas used to get upset at such things, but after getting such bad press about it, he relented, and now embraces the culture. As near as I can tell, it's been 100% to his benefit to allow fans to use Star Wars everything on their web pages, in their fan-made name it. If anything it's made the brand stronger rather than water it down.

I'm not quite sure what Prince is thinking by doing this. It could end up being as bad for him as when Metallica got all hot and bothered by Napster. True Napster went the way of the dodo, but that whole fiasco still caused irreparable damage to their image, as fans accused them of being out of touch with their listeners.

I guess I should be fearful that he'll come after me because of the Planet Earth image, huh? Come and get me!


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