Monday, December 17, 2007

More On Barlow's Return to Iced Earth

There is now more information on Matt's return to IE on the official home page. Schaffer is still contending that Tim's voice is the one he "hears" when writing the music...yet he's being fired? Does this mean in another few years when he regrets that Barlow isn't "the voice", no matter how much he's a "brother", that he'll get canned again?

And apparently Barlow still works for the government (and is still in Pyramaze), so now we'll get even less output. It remains to be seen how much worse it can get, since putting out negative albums is tough. But considering Barlow's heavy work schedule, I imagine it'll get to be about -343.

Just as long as I can see these two sometime before I'm dead and they completely suck.


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