Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Try to Do Something Nice...

Truth be told, I've felt rather bad for ol' Ripper ever since he got kicked out of Iced Earth. So out of pity I ordered his Beyond Fear CD. Being something of a thrifty individual, I ordered it from

So the thing comes today, and it's all wrong. First, it was mailed from the Czech Republic. Hrm, no mention of that on Half. It is not "brand new", as it was advertised. It's not wrapped, the disc is slightly scuffed, and the booklet has obviously been handled. Worse, the CD label looks just wrong due to a poor printing job. Finally, the booklet itself, while glossy and shiny, contains no publishing or copyright information. Yep, I've got myself a bootleg.

I have a message in to the seller demanding an refund. If you look back far enough (I wish I had been this thorough earlier) you will find a person every 20-30 pages who mentions that he thinks he got a "burned copy" of a CD.

A further annoyance is that I'm waiting for a nin CD from another dude on that should've been here by now. This is all rather frustrating, since I've never had severe problems ordering from them, ebay, or Amazon marketplace.

Let the buyer beware, I suppose.

EDIT: I got a full refund on the Ripper CD. Sounds like the guy has "distributors" all over the place, so every now and then one of them sends out a funky disc. Live and learn. Now on to figuring out what happened to my nin CD single...

EDIT 2: Edited out an anonymous post by someone with a similar experience with the buyer. Names were named, so I've decided to remove all references to the buyer. I do appreciate the story, but I don't want to turn this into a Frankenstein monster style torch mob. There are other places for that (eBay feedback,, etc.).

EDIT 3: After a full month and much complaining (five emails), I got Vendor Number Two to refund my money for the nin single. Apparently even though it was listed as shipped, they never had it to send to me. I'll file this experience in the "I've got a bridge to sell you" department.


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