Thursday, January 03, 2008

The New Year In Rock

A new year, thus new music. Here's a few imminent (hopefully) releases and some comments:

Anthrax: They're on their fourth singer and still refusing to give up. Here's hoping this latest change won't upset their loyal fanbase.

Black Sabbath: It's likely that the original forgers of heavy metal will release an album with Ronnie James Dio this year. With luck it will be a little more exciting than the new songs that were tacked on the end of their The Dio Years.

Guns 'N' Roses: Will 2008 be the year of Chinese Democracy? And Duke Nukem Forever?

Iced Earth: Will the return of fan favorite vocalist Matt Barlow bring success for this fixture of the heavy metal scene? This is one fan that's definitely looking forward to part two of Framing Armageddon (and with luck, a tour).

In Flames: The metal mavens from Gothenburg are busy working on a new album and hoping to really crack the American marketplace. I'm skeptical of the nu metal vibe they've had over the last years, but the kids dig it, so they may see mainstream success this year.

Iron Maiden: These longtime metal titans will hopefully release a follow-up to the fan favorite A Matter of Life and Death this year. I felt that disc meandered a bit, and the guitars seemed to have less bite, but there was something compelling about the album as a whole, so I'm looking forward to new material.

The Jesus and Mary Chain: 2007 saw the return of these noisemakers to the stage. With luck we'll see a brand new album this year.

Eric Johnson: The Tone Ranger normally takes ten years or so between albums, but since he's writing, perhaps we'll get a new disc this year. He's shelved some projects to work on new material, so maybe he'll strike while the Guitar Hero III iron is hot.

Judas Priest: These are the only guys, besides Spinal Tap, who can make an album about Nostradamus listenable. Halford is still at the helm, so I expect greatness. Here's to hoping we get release information soon.

Mastodon: The Men of Math Metal almost broke big with Blood Mountain, and may see real commercial success with their next release. Keep a lone Cysquatch eye on the sky.

Nine Inch Nails: Color me optimistic, but the release of Year Zero hot on the heels of With Teeth is encouraging, and I hope we'll see more new material soon. Trent has dissolved his relationship with his record company, so it will be interesting to see his distribution scheme for the next release.

Tim Owens: Banished from Iced Earth, will the Halford-Dio-Dickinson fanboy be able to find success with his other projects? Here's hoping for some positive buzz in 2008 for the frontman who's impossible to dislike.

Porcupine Tree: With Pink Floyd out of the loop, Rush unlikely to release new material this year, and Tool as slow as usual (see below), that leaves the door wide open for these progressive stalwarts to reach more fans. They're prolific, so I expect we'll see some heavy action on this front.

Tool: I'd love to think we'll get a new disc from these guys, but I suspect we'll just have to be happy with a supposed DVD release. Still, live Tool is better than no Tool, and there's always Puscifer if you want something rather weird to satiate your Maynard fix.

U2: The alternative kingpins will hopefully release their Rick Rubin produced follow-up to Atomic Bomb this year. We got a taste of what Rubin can do on 18 Singles, but no real hope that it will be tamer in the volume department.


Blogger Drake said...

So sad that Metallica does not even warrant a mention anymore. Ah, 1989, I remember you so well...

8:13 PM  
Blogger Hollow Man said...

You know, I had intended to put Metallica there, but it slipped my mind. Not that I'm upset by we really think they'll release this year?

1:21 AM  

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