Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Money Grubbing Atlantic Records

I was going through my old site to see, out of curiosity, which links worked. I found myself on Rush's Atlantic web site. There I learned that in August they released remasters of all their studio albums since they jumped from Mercury to Atlantic (Presto, Roll the Bones, Counterparts, Test For Echo).

Before I learned how remasters could be bad, I bought all of the remasters of their earlier records. They're a bit loud, but not too awful. These, however, I suspect to hit new depths of lameness. Albums this modern have very little to gain by going through the process. What there is to gain, however, is cash. Atlantic wants some of that green that Mercury got by re-relasing Rush's older titles.

They have to be bad - the remasters were done by "renowned" engineer Adam Ayan, whose illustrious career apparently includes producing the stellar acts Phish, Linkin Park, and Pearl "Where Would We Be Without Nirvana" Jam.

There aren't even any extra songs on these discs (how could there be? Rush never has leftovers, and nobody really wants a copy of "Battlescar"), so forget them if you want the newer Rush titles. Hunt out the older versions in your favorite used record store.


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