Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Home Theater Mania

Finally got my Vandersteen VCC-1 center channel yesterday. It's in excellent shape. Hooked that bad-boy up and gave it a spin.

At first you don't really notice it. This is a good thing - one wants the transition between it and the two main speakers to be seamless. It does have a response compensation switch on it (to minimize the sonic effects of it being near a wall or other objects), but for now I'm leaving it off.

Gave most of my hi-rez audio discs a whirl and they all sound good. Yay, I can finally hear Dance of Death's and With Teeth's center information. Dark Side of the Moon doesn't use it too much, but when it does (the sax solo in "Us and Them"), it's pretty special.

Movies sound cool too. I think everything's a bit more open and spacious now that less is going on in the main speakers. Blasted lots of bits in Attack of the Clones (incluing the asteroid chase), the intro to Fellowship of the Ring, and the highway chase in Matrix: Reloaded.

Having it sit on top of the television is less than optimal, but maybe I'll attack that problem whenever the hell I buy a new TV.


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